July in the Studio. Also known as Christmas in July.

Summer in the studio means a few things for my routine. The heat changes the times I can work in an old factory studio. I have to be there early in the morning or after the sun drops. Nights can be harder because students are around as a distraction and I tend to lose my steam (or my focus).  I begin working on holiday inventory now. What makes this a challenge is sometimes you get unexpected orders (yay!) that affect your inventory and other times you don't always get the turnout at shows that you had hoped for and get stuck with stuff (hiss!). 

I start with a tentative plan for my Sept-Dec calendar. I don't make art in Nov or Dec. I don't have time. I push out orders for my trusty local galleries, Uncommon Goods and still finish up teaching. If I don't plan correctly I will be extra worn out. Worn out is just part of the holiday push. 

This year I'm going to be better about updating my online store. It's been pushed to the back for too long because of other orders that are now under control and part of the daily routine. I'm also working out small ideas. This means smaller rounds of collections that I may or may not continue with. What that means for the customer is if you see it and like it you should buy it because I might not make it again. Stay tuned. Small batch ideas are coming for fall 2017. 

black clay tumblers