Independent Studio Announcements

The studio keeps getting bigger and better. Every year more students take our classes and utilize the community space. As the business grows my mission statement is starting to change. Starting your own studio could cost up to $5000 after you buy equipment. That doesn't even include rent or insurance! The classroom is becoming a production space for many of our students and that means more firings, more wear and tear and of course extra supplies being used. Rather than tacking on extra firing fees a few changes are being made to independent studio if you are a registered student. Please note the summer session will not be affected. This will begin with fall 2017 classes. 

Pay as you go for registered students

Students will receive 3 free passes with the purchase of each six week class (valued at $75). These passes will expire one week after the final class date. They are not redeemable for cash or credit. They are not transferable to other students. If you don’t use them, you lose them. Once you have used up your free passes you may pay a drop-in fee of $10 per session while enrolled in a class. 

Independent Studio Rates for non-registered students (Effective May 2017):*

1-Day drop in $25

3-Day pass $60 (expires one month after start date)

10-Day pass $175 (expires three months after start date)

*This fee includes your use of the studio space, all glazes, slips and under glazes along with any bisque and glaze firings. Students must pay for clay or luster firings separately. I must be able to fill a kiln for a luster firing in order to book it. 

White or brown stoneware clay: $20/25lb bag

Porcelain clay: $25/25lb bag

Luster firings (includes firing cost, staff will load and unload kilns only and students must purchase their own luster separately):

Small kiln: $40. Even Heat Large Kiln: $65. Skutt Large Kiln $85. 

Shelf Rental Rates:

If you need an additional shelf for storage you may rent it for $40/month. There are a limited amount of shelves per rent

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