Located in the Lake Erie Building (The Screw Factory), Gina DeSantis Ceramics specializes in creating high end handcrafted ceramic wares. The classroom has become the premier clay centric learning center on Cleveland's west side. Along with her instructors, they bring a diverse collection of skills and expertise to each of our class offerings. 



Our studio offers a variety of classes, workshops and independent studio times perfect for all levels of artists. We also host pottery parties for all ages. Click here to register for a class. 


The studio is open every Saturday from noon-4pm. No appointment necessary! You can also visit our online store for convenient 24/7 shopping. Click here to shop the online store



We work with small businesses & restaurants both local and national to design one-of-a-kind ceramic wares. Click here to contact us regarding custom orders and designs

A classic collection for the table.


The Equinox Collection was conceived from my fascination by how an environment can change throughout the day based on the amount light. It is two parts of one whole: Nocturne representing dark and night while Aurora represents light and dawn. The collections are interchangeable yet remain independent. The collection is brought together by simple gold luster line drawings. Both collections can be combined or separated to create a tablescape. 


A simple and rustic collection to accentuate your dining experience. 


This collection is inspired by the moon and its color and surface. I'm interested in how colors change from morning to evening. The simple neutral palette once again enhances the food presentation. The salad plates add contrast with a metallic glaze. The Luna collection is thrown with a brown stoneware. The lip of each pot is painted with a metallic glaze that shifts and moves in an unpredictable nature. If you wish to have this collection made with the speckled clay seen below ask for the sister collection known as Umbra. 



A modern twist on nature. 


This collection was originally crafted in a white porcelain clay with a shiny, clear glaze. In 2015, as I began experimenting with other clay bodies, I created a new series of my wood grain carvings in brown stoneware. The clay body creates natural brown spots along the surface that pull through the matte white glaze. Whether you prefer rustic or classic, this collection has something for everyone. 



The signature collection 


The Cherry Blossom Collection is my most well-known pattern. All of my work is related to love of nature through its colors, textures and patterns. This Asian inspired collection brings a pop of color to your kitchen. Each piece is hand painted with blossoms making all of the pieces truly one-of-a-kind.