Why We all Need a Summer Break

The studio closes for the month of August much to the dismay of students. There are a few reasons the studio takes “breaks” throughout the year. First of all I have a factory studio without AC. In fact I have never worked in a studio with it in 20 years. To do so would be such a luxury. I work when I can and based on how much heat I can tolerate. Picture if you will 85 degree temps outside driving the studio up to the 90s and then turn on your kiln.

No students in the room also allows a few things to occur. First is a lovely deep clean to keep the studio safe. Second is the ability to sprawl out and get some projects done so that the holidays are a bit more manageable. Lastly, I can work 45-55 hour weeks in the holiday season so I consider working a few 30 hour work weeks in the summer a balance to this. A friendly reminder that if your local business owner makes about 75% of their income in the fourth quarter imagine the work that goes into prepping for that period then working through it.

And for the last and what I consider most important reason for me and my studio staff to take a break: It makes us better at what we do. Teachers need a break. It takes a lot out of you even if its what you love doing. Working out new ideas and techniques in the month of August help me to become better at my craft and thus better at sharing it with all of you.

I hope you join me for the fall post vacation. Take a look at classes and in the meantime enjoy some sunshine!