Merchandising 101: How to Set up your Craft Show Display

As some of you may know I was a visual merchandiser in a past life. A few weeks ago I explained my methods for pulling an assortment. You can read it here. Now here is the final product.

I did a small pop-up show so I knew the following things: I didn't need to bring too much back stock as it was only a three hour show. The restaurant hosting also carried my work so I brought like items for interested customers. Lastly, I had a round table to work with so I could treat the presentation similar to how I would merchandise product in a store. 

Left to right. Light to dark. Best advice I can give you as you put together your booth. You can see how the porcelain items are on the left while the earth toned items are pulled to the right. This helps draw the eye. It was our trick for when we had to do an ugly sale wall of merchandise and none of the product styles matched nicely. Even as work sold you could fill in the holes and move work over as long as you adhered to the principle of left to right, light to dark. In this case I also pulled the darker items to the crates for some lift. 



I found this plate rack at Marshall's! Always be on the look out for display inspiration. 



While I do adhere to the whole light to dark idea I still like to keep similar items grouped together for easy shopping.