The "C" Word.

Its a very strange thing to think about Christmas when you are in your factory studio that has no AC in the middle of August. Yes, I said the “C” word and I’m sorry. The holiday prep season begins early on for your local artists. I have no students in the room for the entire month and I take advantage of every single shelf space to get larger projects complete and fired.

One of my favorite things to work on are plates and trays. The irony of these items is they take up the most space to dry and fire but the least amount of space once completed. Its hard to predict what will sell each year and how much to make of each item. Its even trickier when you have to wait to hear back about shows and don’t quite know how much to produce.

An item takes on average 3-4 weeks to make, dry, fire, glaze then final fire. There are a series of events that can f that up really quick…a kiln misfires, a kiln needs to elements, student work is in the queue before it and theres no space, a piece cracks or warps or something sticks to a kiln shelf.

With this process in mind this is why I stop trying to take holiday orders after early November. It can lead to a world of disappointment for customers and I would rather be honest in expectations then send out sub par work. I wish more people understood the mechanics because handmade items. Remember to be get your holiday orders in with your local maker. They will thank you for it!!!