Short Term Studio Assistantships

I am now taking applications for short term studio assistants. I currently have two assistants who are long term and have committed to a year at the studio learning the ins and outs of running a successful ceramics studio and business. Long term assistant applications will not open until fall of 2018 for the 2019 calendar year. 

Three terms are currently available and I will take one part time assistant for each session:       Summer: June 1-August 31, Fall: Sept 1-Nov 30 & Nov 1-Jan 31. 

Interested parties can email me at Please send your resume or CV, a brief explanation of why you want to work at my studio and what you hope to learn and of course a few images of current work. I also require three references. 

Assistantship Duties & Obligations:

1. This is an unpaid position. Assistants will work a total of twelve hours a week in return for 24/7 access to use the classroom to work on a new body of work or build on an existing idea. Ideally these shifts should fall during open studio hours (Tues 6-10pm, Thurs 10am-2pm, Sat noon-4pm). This is negotiable. The studio will cover all of your firing costs and you may use any existing materials for decorating. 50lbs of clay will be provided. Additional clay is available at cost. You will get two shelf spots to store work. You will also be able to participate in our annual staff and student sale in November. 

2. Assistants are expected to be respectful of the space, students and instructors. There may be classes going on when you want to work so you must be flexible with your time and the amount of space needed. You will have a key to the studio and I reserve the right to cancel your assistantship if you do not treat the space with respect. 

3. Duties include but are not limited to cleaning, mopping, pugging clay, mixing glazes and other materials, helping students during independent studio, helping instructors, handling sales of clay and artwork when I'm not around, shipping artwork, prepping and painting mugs for the Uncommon Goods catalog.

4. Production help is also important. I would love a candidate that can trim and finish pots and help me glaze orders.  

5. Applicants should have an art degree or be working towards one. Assistantships are an important relationship between artists. You are here to learn from me not just work! You will be helping me grow and I want to do the same for you. If there is something specific you want to focus on please let me know in your email. 

6. Why should you apply? I work with major retailers around the county in addition to running a successful classroom. This year I'm also embarking on more wholesale shows. There is a lot to do at the studio and even more to learn. Ideally an assistant should be able to walk out after their three month term with new skills and a small body of work. 

7. Short term assistantships are available for renewal. This will be based on your willingness to learn and your fulfillment of studio responsibilities. 

8. I want someone who treats this seriously. I am looking for a hard worker and someone who can work solo but also work in a team setting with the distractions of the studio. 

9. This assistantship does not include any sort of housing. My studio is located close to the RTA station if you need public transportation. 

Applications for the summer assistantship close on April 15th. Applications for the fall assistantships close on July 15.