Studio Practice: Holiday Production

The month of August was supposed to be one of great productivity. I'm not teaching any classes until September so its the perfect time to hunker down and get inventory ready for the upcoming holiday push. Of course plans never go as expected. Not to mention the time lost in the day loading and unloading kilns, dealing with existing catalog orders and just trying to keep the damn place clean. I can't say I get to make as much as I would like or for as long as I would like. The business stuff definitely gets in the way consistently. I learn to work differently and not be so hard on myself that I can reach the goals in my head. This year I'm more organized in ever thanks in part to some great help around the studio. I've planned some things to make November and December easier. Those months will always be hectic but I'm doing what I can to lighten the load and leave room for things like rest, yoga and the occasional happy hour. 

In the meantime I will enjoy the quiet summer mornings in the studio with the light pouring in.