Days Off...

Running a business can feel like a chore as the holiday season sets in. And yes mid October begins the holiday push for me. We've been prepping Uncommon Goods mugs since June so there is little break. It takes me and my team (two studio assistants) plus one to two interns to get the job done. The long term goal is an actual employee and hopefully in the next year or so that becomes a reality. 

I don't really get days off from now until a week before Christmas. Some days I don't mind it. It may only be one to three hours of paperwork or cuing social media posts for the week. Anything to lighten the load for the rest of the week. I've forced myself to stop picking up the phone after 6pm. On Sundays I do not answer any customer calls. I call Sunday "Fey Day". It is the one day a week where me and my pup get long walks in the metro parks together. She gets yummy treats while I cook for the week then she naps on my lap while I lay on the sofa like a zombie preparing for the week ahead. You can't work all the time even if it feels like you have to. Or as if customers expect it. As I type this its probably the last warm day of the fall so off to enjoy the sunshine and maybe a stroll by the lake. You should do the same.