Wheel Throwing Summer Extension Class

Wheel Throwing Summer Extension Class


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Mondays. 6:30pm-9pm. July 10-31. 4 weeks. 

Instructor: Gina DeSantis

We only offer indie studio during August so this is a class extension for current or former students who want to get a bit more wheel throwing in but don't want to wait until September for the next class! Gina will demo each night. The first 3 weeks will include wheel demos focused on intermediate projects and the last night will include a thorough glazing demonstration. This isn't a basics class. That means you should at least understand the bare basics of wedging clay and centering pieces on the wheel already. 

The class cost includes: Students may purchase extra clay for $20/25 pound bag of stoneware or you may use clay from your previous sessions. All glazes and firings are included in the price. Students may also attend independent studio times during within the class start and end date for no additional cost. See the "Independent Studio" page for more info!

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