Job Openings


Gina DeSantis Ceramics provides Work Exchange Assistantships for artists looking to experience first-hand the life of a working artist and business owner. This program is a one year program with the opportunity for renewal for a second year based on work performance. The experience will provide participants with the necessary tools to operate in wholesale/retail art sales and classroom programming. 

This is a work-trade agreement. You will be working as an assistant in trade for studio access. Assistants will have 24/7 access to the studio except during designated class times. All slips, glazes and firings will be covered by Gina DeSantis Ceramics, LLC. The only cost to the assistants is clay which can be purchased at cost and special materials depending on projects. Artists will also be able to sell their work during the open studio events at the Screw Factory. In exchange each individual provides 36 hours a month of support and is responsible for various tasks needed to maintain a functioning ceramics studio. Tasks are varied but some examples include studio maintenance/cleaning, customer service, assisting special events, glaze preparation and painting, kiln operation, community outreach, monitoring independent studio students and shipping artwork. 

Applicants to Work Exchange Assistantship Program should be ceramic graduates or artists interested in furthering their ceramic education and portfolio development. This is an incredible opportunity for artists to join a supportive educational environment while building their resume and portfolio. This is an opportunity to learn from a full-time potter and artist and learn about the challenges and work cycles of a ceramics studio. The ideal candidate for this program is an early career, self-motivated individual able to work well independently and efficiently. During the rush season you will be working with 1-4 other people. During the down season you may be working independently. It is expected that the assistants work well in both scenarios. Each week will have a different pace, different work assignments and quotas. It is expected that the assistants work to meet the pace of the studio based on the time of year.

The atmosphere is very important and I along with my instructors and staff strive create a sense of community at the studio. I want students to feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable with approaching the staff with questions. It is important that the candidate for this position understand the need for high quality customer service and professionalism in this environment. 


    - The ability to work 10 hours per week.

    - Must be able to cover at least one open studio shift per week (5 hours) plus another 5           hour shift to be determined based on availability and studio needs. 

    - All applicants must complete a one month internship to determine if they are a good fit              for the position and to make sure they have the time necessary to devote to a learning              apprenticeship. 

To Apply please submit the following to

    •    resume with 3 professional references

    •    artist statement

    •    a personal statement explaining why you are applying for the position

    •    10 digital images of your artwork. (Please make sure that these are images of             work in clay, sculptural or functional)