NEW! Handle Making Workshop

NEW! Handle Making Workshop


Saturday, October 20th. 10am-12:30pm

Instructor Jessie Haas

This one-day workshop will focus on the art of making handles. Learn techniques for making, attaching and shaping your handles to bring your cups to the next level. Students should bring leather hard work with them. The studio will also provide some unfinished tumblers to use for practice. All levels of students are welcome in this workshop but you should have some knowledge of clay before signing up!

The only supply fee for this class is the clay and it is included in the cost! The studio will also fire all work for the students. If you are not a registered student at my studio you can purchase a one-day indie studio pass for $25 to finish glazing your work (with the understanding that you know how to glaze already).

It is helpful to bring a notebook to workshops.

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