Glaze Mixing Intensive Workshop

Glaze Mixing Intensive Workshop


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Instructor: Gina DeSantis

Tuition: $285 per student. The fee includes:

1. Materials for up to 3 glaze tests (100 grams each)

2. Materials to make one (1) gallon bucket of one of your successful recipes.

3. Kiln firings for all of your test tiles. Tiles will be provided by the studio.

4. A respirator that must be worn during the workshop when students or staff are mixing raw materials.

Students are required to bring a notebook and calculator. Handouts and references will be provided.

No students will not be allowed to work unless they follow safety protocols. Failure to wear a respirator or gloves will result in you forfeiting your space in the workshop without refund. Test tiles will be provided in white stoneware clay. Students may bring test tiles or bisque pieces along with them if they wish.

This workshop will take and intensive look at the chemistry behind cone 6 ceramic glazes (oxidation firing). Students will learn about materials and the make up of successful base glazes. As a group students will work on a triaxial blend using one base glaze and three colorants to understand how chemicals combine to form colors. Glaze mixing it not as simple as combining blue and yellow to make green! This workshop will help students understand the chemistry behind forming successful ceramic glazes.

Dates and Times:

Wednesdays: January 9, 16, 23. 6pm-9pm.

Saturdays (optional): January 12, 19 10am-noon.

Critique: Saturday, January 26 from 10am-noon.

This workshop will meet three times on Wednesday evenings. On the first evening we go over the chemistry and materials behind glazing. We will begin a triaxial blend using one of my base glazes. This will allow students to understand how different percentages and combinations of materials yield different color results. We will continue working on this in class two together.

During the second and third classes students will bring in glaze recipes to test. Each student can bring up to three recipes to try. I will explain this thoroughly so that students know where to start.

The Saturday dates are optional. Because respirators must be worn no students may mix glazes during any other class or independent studio time. These times will be for continuing glaze mixing and one on one time with me if you have questions. The last Saturday will be a critique and “show and tell” of the triaxial blends and student glaze tests. You will also be allowed to mix a one gallon batch of one of your successful glazes.

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