Ceramic Surface Design

Ceramic Surface Design


Dates: Wednesday nights from 630-9pm. September 4-October 23, 2019. 7 spaces left.

Join me (Gina DeSantis!) for this brand new class. We will explore various surface decoration techniques. This class not only covers method but how decoration relates to your forms. We will take 2D ideas and transfer them to 3D forms. Color, texture and pattern will be our focus for this 8-week class.

Level: Intermediate. While I will be there to help you on and off the wheel with your forms the demos in this class will focus solely on surface. Therefore you should be confident enough in the studio to not need basic demos for building a piece.

Cost: $295. Your fee covers all your supplies, firings and one 25 pound bag of clay. I am recommending white stoneware for this class. We will be using extra supplies in this class which is reflected in the price. I will have a list of recommended suppliers so you can continue to work on these concepts after class has ended. Students will get 4 free indie studio passes that expire when your class ends (so plan accordingly!)

Techniques covered: Mishima, sgraffito, stamping and carving clay, terra sigillata, paper transfer and luster. We will use clay, under glaze, slip, glaze, wax and carving tools to achieve results.

What to bring: A hand towel, bucket for clay scraps and a sketchbook. A folder is helpful to store decals and prints and some mini plastic containers to help store homemade under glaze colors or stains. The majority of the techniques are done on leather hard clay. However in week 3 when we cover terra sig you will need a bone dry piece. On week 7 we will cover luster and you must have glazed pieces for this lesson.

Extra notes: The class includes one group night to luster and fire. Outside luster firings are available with to current students w special permission and when kiln space permits. Dust masks or respirators must be worn during this lesson and anyone who fails to follow rules will not be allowed to work. Safety first!

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